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About Saber-Day

What is Saber-Day?

As lightsaber collectors and enthusiasts, we are lucky to belong to such a large and awesome community. Saber-Day marks the anniversary of the first combat saber spar organized through the Duel Finder Map and provides a chance for us to celebrate the awesome weapon that gave rise to such a community!

Who is Invited?

All Saber-Smiths, Clubs, Academies, and lightsaber groups around the world are invited to participate. Typically, events are scheduled for the weekends just before April 4th and just after. You and your club or group may observe the holiday however you like, but this page also provides a few ideas on how you can join the party!

The Clan Wars

For those who have joined an official DUELING CLAN, this day also marks the end of the annual CLAN WAR, and the winning team is announced and awarded.

Upcoming Events

2022 Celebrations

Here you may find a list of official public Saber-Day celebrations near you, along with other ways to find additional events. If you would like to post a link to your own event, tournament, sale, etc. to this list, feel free to use our link generation form below. From all of us at the RSA, have a safe and great Saber-Day!

Post a Link to Your #SaberDay Event

How is your organization celebrating Saber-Day this year? Let the world know by posting a link to more information about your event on this page! (Please make the Title for your event detailed including the applicable time, date, location, and other key items to catch the attention of potential customers or attendees. Be sure to also type in the full URL for your event or website so that your Link will work properly.)

Clan War Update

Social Media Collection Sharing


Do your friends know about your awesome sabers? Show your pride in your saber collection by taking selfies, action shots, or close-up pictures of your favorite hilts and blades! This is a great time to create video reviews of your collection, comment on the collections of friends, and share with the world how awesome owning a saber really is! If public choreographed performances are your cup of tea, then this is a good time to let the world see your skills. Don’t forget to add #SABERDAY to your posts and wish everyone a happy Saber-Day!

Host or Join a Tournament!

image of a tournament near a large city

The Dusk-'n-Raid

What would a sparring match with 30 people be like? Not only can it be amazing fun, but it can also create quite the spectacle for curious passers-by. Use our free system to invite five or more combat-saber-wielding friends to gather for a noble tournament or a free-for-all saber brawl!

Expand Your Collection!

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Pick up a New Saber

This is a time of year when you can spend a little extra to get an epic gift for yourself or someone you care about! But where should you buy your new saber? Check out our Buying Guide and Sabersmiths reviews to get a feel for who makes great sabers!

Sensei For A Day!

Link to Training Videos

Share Your Knowlege

Invite younger family members and friends over to learn how to duel as you become a sensei for a day! Pass on what you know about fencing, meditation, and your other training so far. Help others to create new accounts to progress in your own path to knighthood!

Host An Advancement Ceremony!

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Glory and Honor

If you have reached a new rank in the Rogue Order, or know someone else near you who has advanced in rank, Saber-Day presents a great time to host an Advancement Ceremony where you can celebrate your progress and hard work!

More Ways to Celebrate!

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New Traditions

Check out our Community Forum to find or share new and exciting celebration ideas!

Connect with our Community!

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