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FAQ Answers

What is the Rogue Saber Academy?

      The Rogue Saber Academy is an independent online school with free-tuition and instruction inspired by sword-fighting techniques from around the world. It also serves as a hub for star wars fans and combat saber enthusiasts. Its services include free online training videos, a Duel Finder Map by which sparring partners may find each other, and Saber-Smith reviews. More information can be found on our About page.

What is the Rogue Order of Knights?

      The Rogue Saber Academy not only provides instruction on fencing, but also teaches its students on principals such as honor and chivalry. As students master all these lessons and accomplish certain tasks, they are rewarded with ranks in the Rogue Order, an independent and modern organization that promotes community service, self-dedication to an ethical lifestyle and sportsmanship. These ranks include “Initiate,” “Novice,” “Apprentice,” “Knight,” and “Master.” You can learn by visiting our page on the Rogue Order.

What are combat sabers and where can I buy one?

      Combat sabers are the durable dueling swords that resemble the lightsabers of star wars lore. A description of how they differ from other products referred to as “sabers” or lightsabers” can be found in the disambiguation section of our site. Advice on how and where to buy these sabers can be found on our Saber-Smiths page.

What are the rules for the sport of Saber Dueling?

      Saber Dueling is an exciting new sport that calls upon elements from Kendo, Foil, Epee and Sabre, Historic European Martial Arts and other martial arts, and combines them with the kind of backyard fencing many Star Wars fans know well. To learn more, please visit our “About the Sport” page, as well as print the official sport rules here.

What is Saber-Day?

      Saber-Day is a fan holiday observed by members of the combat-saber dueling community every 4th of April. Several events in the Rogue Saber Academy such as the culmination of the “Clan Wars” take place on that date. Information on how and why it is celebrated can be found on our Saber-Day page!

What is Great Dad Media?

      Great Dad Media is a private company that provides family-friendly content and resources to parents. Its owner is the main creator of the Rogue Saber Academy’s site and curriculum. It is the parent company of the RSA, and all funds generated by the RSA and the Rogue Order are handled by it. You can learn more about Great Dad Media and even become a supporter on our Patreon page!

How can I create a new account with the RSA?

      Anyone who agrees to abide by our Terms and Conditions and who is 16 years of age or older may create an account with the Rogue Saber Academy. To do so, one only needs to fill out our registration form (the full four pages). This form can be accessed here.

How can I Log-in to my account?

      Any student who has first created an account with the RSA via our four-page registration process can log into their account by either using the drop-down form or by using our Log-in page form. The email address given by the user during registration, along with the password set at that time are both used to log-in. If you are having trouble logging-in, feel free to use our “Password and Log-In Help” section on this page. Both forms can be found by following these steps:

1. Click on the “Login / Register” option within the top navigational bar.
2. A drop-down menu will appear. Here you will find the first log-in form.
3. The second form is found by selecting the “View Log-in Page” link just below that form in the same drop-down menu.

How can I edit my profile picture, username, email, or password?

      Most of your Profile Editing options can be found in one section on your account page. Follow these steps to edit your profile picture, change your Code-Name (username), email or account password:

1. Log-in to your account.
2. Select the “My Account” option within the top navigational bar.
3. On the drop-down menu, click on the “Edit Profile / Account Options” link.
4. Select which option you wish to use on the “Edit Profile” section menu.
5. Fill out the corresponding form.

How can I switch my account to “VACATION MODE?”

      If you will be on vacation for a while, or will otherwise not be able to answer invitation, challenges or requests from other students, it is best to place your account on “Vacation Mode” by setting your account status to “AWAY.” Doing so will remove your marker icon from our Duel Finder map, so that most students will not be able to find your Duelist Card. You can add your icon back onto the map later to restore your account status to “ACTIVE.” To alter your account status, follow these steps:

1. Log-in to your account.
2. Select the “My Account” option within the top navigational bar.
3. On the drop-down menu, click on the “Edit Profile / Account Options” link.
4. Select the “Switch to Vacation Mode” option from the “Edit Profile” section menu.
5. Two buttons will appear. Click on the one you wish to use.

What are the three Clans? How can I access my Clan’s Portal?

      The three dueling clans of the Rogue Order are: The Guardians (Protectors of the “Light Side”), The Warriors (Wielders of the “Dark Side”) and the Keepers of Balance (The ones in the middle). For students of the Rogue Saber Academy, their clan is like their family, house, fraternity or home team. They represent their clan in their duels and can enjoy comradery within their clan’s member-only page. This portal can be accessed by selecting the “Exclusive Clan Portal” link in the “My Account” drop-down menu in the top navigation. To learn more about each clan or to join one, please visit our clan general information page here.

How can I find nearby Lightsaber Sparring and Dueling Partners?

      The Duel Finder System allows registered students of the RSA the chance to find other lightsaber collectors, duelists and sparring partners near them! You can invite others to meet for a spar or duel through our Duel Finder map, by using our city directory, or by searching for a student by their Code-Name. The most widely used method is via our map! In order to find those near to you using this method, simply follow these steps:

1. Log-in to your account.
2. Select the “Community” option within the top navigational bar.
3. On the drop-down menu, click on the “Duel Finder Map” link.
4. Use the map's controls to zoom in to where you left your marker icon, designating your preferred meeting place. (If your icon is not on the map, be sure to add it by using the Change Location / Get back on the Map!” form near the bottom of your account page.)
5. Once you have found your icon, slowly zoom back out until you find another student near you.
6. Click on the icon belonging to that student.
7. After the students Code-Name has appeared below the map, click on the large “Get Duelist Card” button.
8. Use the large buttons on the Duelist card under the map to challenge the student to a duel, invite them to a spar, or invite them to a tournament you have already created!

How can I create or join a tournament?

      To either create a City-Area Tournament or join one, you only need follow these steps::

1. Log-in to your account.
2. Select the “Community” option within the top navigational bar.
3. On the drop-down menu, click on the “Create or Join a Tournament” link.
4. Scroll down to the first section of the page. There will be a list of active tournaments. If any are taking in a city near you, you need only view the listing of the event and click on the button within it to let the organizer know you are coming!
5. If there are no current tournaments taking place in a city near you, scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the “Organize A New Tournament!” form.
6. Fill out the form, and follow the directions in the “Tournament Organizer Packet” to create and host your own tournament!

What are Duel Credits? How can I earn more?

      Duel Credits are the digital units of our own internal monetary system. They can be purchased with United States Dollars and earned by winning duels, progressing in your path to knighthood, and by other methods. You can spend your Duel Credits in our Duel Credit Store, and by participating in duels and tournaments. All the ways by which you can earn more are listed in a dedicated section near the bottom of the Duel Credit Store page.

How can I reach the next level or rank?

      You can learn what it takes to move up to the next level and advance in rank in your path to Knighthood by visiting the “Progress Tracker” section of your account page. Also, you may follow the links provided by your robot’s “Data Pad” to get even more specific advice on how to progress with your account. To find both of these resources, follow these steps:

1. Log-in to your account.
2. Select the “My Account” option within the top navigational bar.
3. On the drop-down menu, click on the “My Progress Tracker” link.
4. Locate the subsection titled “Current Level” and follow the advice given!
5. Click on the robot icon in that section to get even more detailed help from your robot.

What are Challenge Badges? How can I earn them?

      Challenge Badges are digital awards and status symbols within the Rogue Saber Academy. They represent a dedication to service, to the Rogue Order, to community building and scholarly achievement. They are milestones that allow you to proudly share your progress. The badges you have earned will always be displayed on your Duelist Card for all other students to see. To learn what it takes to earn one of the five Challenge Badges, simply follow these steps:

1. Log-in to your account.
2. Select the “My Account” option within the top navigational bar.
3. On the drop-down menu, click on the “My Progress Tracker” link.
4. Click on the picture of the badge you would like to learn more about.
5. Follow the instructions displayed. If you have already completed some or all of the tasks, you do not need to do them again.
6. Click on the “Submit Badge Application” button below them after you have completed the badge’s requirements!

Password and Log-In Help

If you have forgotten your password (for your student or group listing account), use the form below in order to reset it. You will be sent an email to the address with a new password. (Be sure to check your spam-filter if you don’t yet see it.) As soon as you get your new password, use it to log in and change your password to something different as soon as possible on your account page.

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